Packing Services

A key to successfully transporting your possessions is to pack them well. The experts at First Nation Moving System would be glad to help you. Our packing services include:

  • Detailed inventory list of all items being moved, and careful labeling of boxes.
  • Coverings to protect your possessions.
  • Expert handling and crating of antiques, framed art, collectibles and fragile items.

If you prefer to pack yourself, we can still provide high quality boxes and wrapping material.

If you are looking for full service packing and moving, you won't beat First Nation Moving System. Fill out our free, no-obligation estimate form to see what we can offer you!

Packing Tips

Moving is a huge task. First Nation Moving System offers the following tips to make the process more manageable.

  • Start packing early! A lifetime of possessions can take a long time to pack! Schedule some time every day to do a portion of the work. Some people like to use this time to throw away things they don't want to keep. This is a valuable process, but don't let it slow you down too much! It is often easier to move everything and to sort it out at your new location.
  • List the items in your boxes, and keep that list with you.
  • Mark boxes with breakables as "Fragile".
  • Pack one room at a time. This way items packed together in your old location will end up near each other in the new location!
  • Use high quality, new packing materials. These can withstand stress better than used or low quality substitutes. It is worth the investment - if anything is to get damaged during your move, be sure it is your boxes, and not the possessions they contain! Note that newspaper can stain the items they wrap.
  • Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.
  • Pack boxes firmly but don't over pack them. This prevents them from bursting or being crushed during the move.
  • Put the items you will need during your first day in your new location in a separate box or suitcase.
  • Make sure that any major appliances or electronics are properly serviced before they are packed.

First Nation Moving System has the expertise to make your move go smoothly. Make the first move by asking First Nation Moving System for a free, no-obligation estimate!




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