The relocation experts at First Nation Moving System want to put their skills to work for you

We can simplify the moving process. We'll help you work out the logistics, pack up your belongings, get them on the road, and safely deliver them at your destination.

Our foreman are the best in the business, and they will make sure that there are no "surprises" to upset your move.

First Nation Moving System services include:

  • Free written estimates provided on premises.
  • Free delivery of moving supplies provided before moving day.
  • An on-site foreman to direct your move.
  • Full free packing service available upon request.
  • Quilted furniture pads to protect your belongings.
  • Fine art and antiques division for special needs.
  • Detailed inventory lists prepared before the move.
  • Fleet of modern moving vans and trucks.
  • Guaranteed Pickup Date.
  • Experienced movers, and reliable, timely service.
  • Modern storage facilities.
  • Licensed and insured for your protection.
  • Dedicated Customer Service.

First Nation Moving System proudly adheres to all regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

If you are looking for a superior combination of service, quality, and price, you won't beat First Nation Moving System.

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Corporate Move

When companies move, they mean business.

Downtime simply costs too much, and there is no room for delays or loose ends.

First Nation Moving System knows what it takes to reliably and cost-effectively help the most demanding companies move - whether you are relocating a single employee or moving an entire office.


It is ideal to plan your move in advance.

We'll reserve the date, assign an experienced foreman to oversee the crew, and make sure that all the details are planned in advance. At the same time, we recognize that moving needs cannot always be predicted.

We have trucks and staff ready, and are regularly able to accommodate last-minute moves.


A relocation advisor will be assigned to you, and will make sure that every detail of your move is planned.

We can offer full packing service, and are experienced at packing and transporting copy machines, file cabinets, documents, media, artwork, office furniture and computer networking equipment.

We blanket wrap all furnishings, crate all artwork, and are experienced at assembly/disassembly of cubicles and business furniture.

First Nation Moving System knows that business relationships are built on service, loyalty and reputation.

We want to be your moving source.

Please fill out our free online estimate form or contact us to let us know how we can serve you.

Moving Tips

Moving is a huge task. First Nation Moving System offers the following tips to make the process more manageable.

Before The Move
  • Contact your post office to fill out a change-of-address form.
  • Arrange to disconnect your gas, electric, phone, and any other utilities.
  • Arrange to connect your gas, electric, phone, and other utilities in your new location.
  • It is best to select a moving company and to schedule your move well in advance. Keep in mind that summers are very busy, as are the very ends/beginnings of the month.
  • Sell, give away, or donate unwanted items.
  • If you live in an apartment, notify your management that you are moving, and ask for a Certificate Of Insurance (COI). Our movers usually need to see this document, so please have it on hand.
  • Create your own inventory list of everything you are moving, and keep this list with you.
  • If you clean your possessions before they are moved, you will have an easier and more pleasurable time settling into your new location.
Moving Day
  • Confirm all delivery details with your foreman.
  • Walk-through every room of your old location to make sure nothing was left behind.
  • Arrive at your new location while the movers are there to acknowledge delivery of the inventory.
  • Flatten all your moving boxes for recycling.
  • Wipe down cupboards and shelves before you unpack.
  • Let electrical appliances return to room temperature before plugging them in.

First Nation Moving System has the expertise to make your move go smoothly.

Make the first move by asking First Nation Moving System for a free, no-obligation estimate!




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